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Not every car manufactured today is built with infant car seats in mind. If you are looking for a new car that will have enough space to use an infant car seat properly, there are some cars that you should avoid and some that you should give serious consideration. I created this blog because I have actually had to sell my car so that I could fit my two kids' car seats in the way they were meant to be installed. It is my hope that other parents can benefit from the information that I have provided here and will be able to find a suitable car for a growing family with fewer issues than I had.


Three Limitations of a Vehicle History Report

23 September 2015
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As a potential car buyer, you probably know that a vehicle history report (VHR) contains vital information about a used car. You use it to know who has owned the vehicle, how it was maintained, the damages it has sustained, and many other things. This is why it's advisable to check a used car's VHR before purchase. However, you shouldn't rely on the report alone because it has its shortcomings. Here are four limitations of the report: Read More …

The Major Driving Differences Between A Class A Motor Home & A 5th Wheel

17 September 2015
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If you know you want to explore life on the road, and you don't want your house to be permanently in one location, you need to seriously consider whether a class A motor home or a 5th wheel is the best driving and living choice for you. The Driving Set-Up One of the biggest differences between a class A motor home and 5th wheel is how they are set up and how you drive them. Read More …

5 Reasons To Consider Buying A Used Car

15 September 2015
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When you are shopping for a new car, the brand new cars at the dealerships may tempt you. Many people believe that buying a brand new car is a great option because of the reliability. It is easy to pick the color and the features that you want, and you can negotiate with the dealer for a deal on the overall package. However, it is a good idea to consider buying a used car instead of a new car. Read More …

A Subaru Owner’s Maintenance Guide

13 September 2015
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In order to be sure that your Subaru stays up to par and gives you the highest quality performance, you will need to pay attention to some maintenance tips. Regardless of what sort of model or year your vehicle is, you'll get longevity out of your automobile when you follow these tips. Consider this information so that you can get the most out of your vehicle today.  Learn How To Make Your Subaru More Fuel Efficient Read More …

Addressing Automotive Brake Repair Concerns You May Have

8 September 2015
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The brakes on your car are probably more complicated than you realize because these systems rely on hydraulic fluid to help slow and stop the car. Yet, these complex devices can encounter a number of issues that may cause your car's safety to be compromised. For those that are not experienced with addressing brake problems, these issues can seem somewhat daunting or mysterious. If you learn the answers to some routine brake problem questions, you should be in a stronger position when you are needing to address this type of problem. Read More …